Thursday, June 26, 2014

Healing a Heart Lesion: Report of a Miracle

This is a photo of artwork on display in front of INFO on July 4th along with the story behind it and was forwarded to me by a long time gatherer

from the August/September, 2010 N.W. Regional Assembly

To All Family: A Free-Verse HeartSong Prayer

Following sound counsel, we fabricated signs. On Masonite kicked down from a Sandpoint recycler, we attempted to orient our fellow gatherers. They were handsome pieces showing direction, warning or tidbits of advice.

Let's focus on the particular sign in question. It was placed at a Tin the road. The C. A. L. M. was down the hill to the left, Main Meadow was to the right. The winged heart at its center was a vibrant blood red. The sign was affixed to a tree.

Days past as we enjoyed the Gathering process. Autumn was approaching but mostly the weather held fair. We barely noticed a sprinkle but the sign was transformed before our eyes. Water droplets caused the Main Meadow letters & the heart to bleed.

An as yet still unidentified 'young hippie female' saw the sign & added an OM sign in the center of the heart with the words, “The heart of the Rainbow will bleed if her children don't unite”.

We all stumble in life yet each of us is a unique blessing. Some come to rainbow for social reasons; some are activists or Constitutionalists; some have political ambitions; some Divine messengers. All of us long for true family.

We stepped out of the world to do a work. We have well survived the trials & testings of these first 40 years! Herein lies the challenge for survival through the next...

Search out & Release the Negative Vapors in your own Heart

We choose to love, by grace, & forgive. Root out jealousy, anger, hatred, shame, ego & disappointment. Speak blessing not cursing. Respect, humility, mercy, joy, compassion, LOVE are the true economy to freedom. Seeds of peace sown, raise a righteous harvest. Be slow to anger & long to listen.

The prayer for peace stars within. Is it time to do some more homework?

I love you all,


PS. What a wonderful gathering this is !!!!

Thanks Abba & James for the liberty to paraphrase

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Marie Hanson (RIP)

Marie and Bandit @ the gathering
While the search for Marie's remains is over, and no doubt the thoughts of many gatherers are looking to the future and this summers gathering, let's take a few minutes to remember Marie.  There's an article this week in Seattle Weekly on Marie and the gathering. The gathering parts are a bit sensational if you ask me, but it's a good recap of the how Marie's remains were found and the story thus far.  But as they say, it's not over til it's over. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marie Hanson’s Family Finding Closure

From ( & KRNV) South Lake Tahoe, Calif. – Loved ones of a South Lake Tahoe woman who went missing nearly 3 months ago say they’re beginning to find closure.

Marie Hanson’s Family Finding Closure

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marie RIP

--From 10/10/11 Updated on 10/11/11
Marie's family has confirmed that the remains found yesterday at the site in Washington are Marie's.
Services will be held this Saturday, October 15th at Sierra Community Church, Sierra Bvd in South Lake Tahoe at noon.
1. The Search Fund has now become the Marie Hanson Memorial Fund ... Donations can be made at 1036 Al Tahoe Blvd. S. Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
or at All donations will help the family with expenses. Most people have life insurance, but Marie did not.
2. Please come show support for Marie's family and friends by attending Saturdays Memorial Service. Please bring a dish if you are able.
3. Pray, Pray and Pray for her family and friends. She is sorely missed by us all.
For those who were at the gathering, Marie's body was found  up the Rd 32/3220 (past the 150 road and before Road 166), before you come to the big "drop-off" .... Her body was on the far side of the road - about 200 yards off the road. An investigation is underway. Once there is more information to share, it will be shared.

--From 10/9/11
Late this afternoon the Skamania County Sheriff informed Marie's family that human remains and jewelry were found at the search site. Positive identification has not been made, however the remains were located near Marie's camp, and there are no other missing persons reported. Sheriff officers will remain at the site throughout the investigation.

Marie's family requests that you allow them their privacy for a couple of days. When positive identification is made, we will post the news.

Thank you friends for your loving support.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family and Friends Searched for Marie Last Weekend

Last weekend, gatherers, local folks, local law enforcement and Marie's friends gathered on the site to search for Marie. At this point there is a very high probability that Marie's body is up there although it has not yet been found. Cadaver dogs will search again for her remains over the next few days.  For an interview with Marie's daughter on what the search turned up,  click here.

We love you Marie!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Searching for Marie Before the First Snow Fall ~Sept 30/Oct 1~


Inviting all people in the area or from distant lands to rendezvous at the site of the 2011 Annual Gathering of the Tribes to search for Marie before the first snow fall.  Meet around 10 AM on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1st on US Forest Service Road 3111 -- about a mile west of the Lone Butt Snow Park. Road 3111 picks up a 1/4 mile west of the  intersection of Wind River/Meadow Creek and Forest Service Road 30 (also called Lone Butte). Drive about another 1/2 to 3/4 mile and you'll see find the search party.  the intersection of US Forest Service Road 32 and 150 (back gate)...  For directions, click here

We need self-sufficient persons... i.e. people who have their own transportation and, hopefully, bring a Search Partner as we will be using the buddy system so we don't loose anyone else.

Bring warm, brightly covered clothes... Hunting season is upon us and we don't want you to get shot.

We'll be asking all volunteers to go through a workshop concerning the search -- please honor this process as we want to find Marie and protect any evidence we may encounter while making sure you stay safe.  If you come, you are liable for your own safety. This is rough country so be prepared for freezing temperatures and wet weather. Wear hiking boots. Be prepared for bugs, bugs and more bugs.

We will be doing "grid work" meaning walking close with one another for 2 days.
We respectfully ask you to move out of the immediate area Saturday night - people will probably retreat to a campground in the area. Folks on site will plug you in once you're there.  Marie's family will be with us and it would be great if a few people can come and focus their energy on supporting the family during this stressful and emotional time. 

We strongly encourage all local town folks to come participate in this search.  We need your help  ~~ the more legs the better and you all know this area better than we do.

EVERYONE, please take the time to watch this video and see if you remember seeing Mellow on the evening of July 7, anytime on July 8 or July 9 & 10.  Cathy is in the background when Mellow is being interviewed.


We're trying to reach out to any person who was at the gathering on July 7 and/or 8th and who may have been on the road past the 150 gate on FS Road 32 near Omnivore Cafe and 1 mile in either direction on 32. If you were in that area and saw any of these people, this car or this dog, please email me, post anonymously to this blog, contact the family directly or either of the sheriff's departments involved in this case.

    * Skamania County Sheriff - Detective Tim Garrity
    * (509) 427-9490
    * Case #11-05271

    * Or South Lake Tahoe Police
    * (530)542-6100
    * Case #1107-1214

Mystery Man Who May Have Seen Marie on July 7

Bandit the Dog

Marie and Bandit


Cathy, aka Cat

Marie with young child

Cathy's Car. Marie was last seen on USFS Road 32 the night of July 7 near this car. If you remember seeing anything around this car between sundown on July 7 and July 10, you may have the missing info that will help us find Marie.

Other than Mystery Man, we know who everyone else is. So if you know who Mystery Man is, please ask him to share what he and Marie talked about that last day.
On a tangential issue, I'm looking for information on anyone who did ceremony at the gathering in a tent with a shaman named Troy where Bandit the dog was present.

Please download and distribute this flyer in your local co-ops, head shops, dispensaries or any place you can think of in your area were hippies or gatherers might visit.  For general info and more photos of Marie, click here.

Please help in what ever way you can. Contact the media in your community and get the message out. In forty years of gathering, we have yet to loose anyone from the gathering site. Please don't let Marie be the first one.  This is our chance to show the local folks how we walk our talk.  Let's help Marie's family find closure by finding her remains so they can morn, celebrate her life and bury her according to their beliefs.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  
~~ Nelson Mandela