Monday, April 25, 2011

Scout Rendezvous May 8

Scout Rendezvous is a meet up for anyone who wants to plug into the scouting process. If you've not been before, please read Scouting 101 so you can prepared to contribute to the process.

Per old family paranoia requests about the feds obtaining the directions, some people are asking that you call the Northwest tribes lightline for directions to the Rendezvous (503) 727-2498 of 541-915-1295 where you'll get another number and a top secret security clearance to obtain the info (I'm just kidding on the security clearance) and  I've taken down the directions that had been included in this post)

This is not a gathering, campout or drum circle.  As with all things gathering related, no experience is necessary. Even if you don't have time to go scouting, but you do have time to make the Rendezvous, please come out and take the opportunity to learn from family who have lots of experience scouting.


  1. Karin, you are a very good communicator. I appreciate you and each of your perspectives. Thank you for this blog spot. Love Emerald Otter

  2. I found this site by booboo from Hip Forums. I like it here. I hope to make the July 11 Gathering. Years ago I used to do the Northport WA Barter Faires that Gypsy and Pulani put on. Their site was pretty good sized. Any chance you could get that land for a week? Or would it be large enuf? Keep us updated please.

  3. Rainbow Gatherings are held in National Forests.
    The process takes months.
    Soooo....let's have it at the Northport Barter Faire site, obviously.

  4. European Rainbow and Gatherings outside the U.S. are held off National Forests/Parks too...Namaste!!!

  5. On scouts honor, I swear to tell the truth about the proposed site, discuss peacefully with my sisters and brothers the pros and cons of the site being considered, and reveal all possible alternatives, so that my family can make an informed decision. Further, I promise to hold or call for a circle before the first of July, earlier if possible, and to include all of my family in the process, A CAMP and all, with blessings, love, hope, and Godspeed that we can invoke consensus with a glad heRt and carry the banner of love for all to follow. in Arkansas, the scouts were quite a click and seemed to hold back on info. God bless Sailer! God bless you all. good luck Scouts. pray for the right choice.

  6. Please post directions to spring council. Leaving soon.