Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Council Starts June 12

Spring Council is a council/counsel/circle where people gather together, hear reports on sites from people who have been out scouting, and decide where to go. The decision can happen via a consensus by silence or a consensus by foot.  The process can take a couple of hours or a couple of days. This year things seem to be moving slowly due to snow in the mountains. Often, but not always, Spring Council happens within 100 miles of where the gathering ends up being.

As with all things gathering related, the council is open to all peaceful people, no experience necessary.

If you attend Spring Council, please be self-sufficient. Bring food and water. Be prepared for cold wet weather. Bring extra blankets for those who show up in hoodies and flip flops.

Once Spring Council reaches a decision, people move onto the land to start seed camp. Some of the tasks are to develop water systems, set up the first kitchen  a health care system, and dig the first latrines. Seed camp folks design the layout of the actual Gathering by developing trails, selecting a Main Circle site, marking parking areas and setting up Welcome Home. Coop and Banking Councils are set up to address the needs of Seed Camp. Please do not show up for seed camp unless you are willing to chip in on the work.

Please keep in mind that the ratio of law enforcement officers to gatherers is very high during seed camp and those who attend seed camp are much more likely to be stopped and search on the roads.

***the washington state light line has this information as well @ 509*217*6573*** on the I-5 you are going to take exit 21 out of woodland Washington (about 30 miles north of Portland, Oregon)... go east onto hwy.503 hwy 503 becomes forest rd 90 continue on f.rd 90 tell you merge to the left onto ...forest rd 25 go on rd 25 for 5 1/2 miles to forest road 93 or 9300 go on forest rd 93/9300 for 4.1 miles turn right onto forest rd. 9310 got 1.3 miles to the council site..   please come self sufficient and prepared for cold wet weather..this site will be active for a few days while we council and wait on snow to melt..please bring food and water and lots of love!  

If you are traveling from the East and/or northeast... you may consider....
             See the town of Carson on hwy 14, north side of Columbia River... travel north on WINDY RIVER road over Old Man Pass...  Windy River Road turns into Meadow Creek Road... then you come to the corner of Curley Creek Road, turn LEFT i.e. West then travel over the hill to FR90 or Lewis River Road... turn Left onto FR90... past EAGLE CLIFF... then you will come to where 503 and highway 25/131 that runs toward Mt. St. Helens... turn NORTH on 25... travel until you come to FR 9300.. turn right i.e. East... travel to FR 9310... then turn RIGHT -- travel a mile or so... to Spring Circle  (old quarry)...

    FROM THE EAST:      The town of Carson can be reached either by traveling hwy 14 and/or traveling Interstate 84... south side of Columbia... toward Portland... then, at Biggs.. cross over to
Northside to highway 14.... continue to Carson....

Spring circle may happen... and be there for a few days.... plus, even if a site is known... with the weather the way is has been (biggest snow in 14 years)... so meadows will be WET, EASILY DAMAGED... Gathering Site may be ready ONLY by around 18th or 20th of June.... things gotta dry...
    Patience is Waiting! Grok!

When on-Site... PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.... BUILD UP, NOT DIG DOWN... meaning build HEARTHS.... i.e. on ground spread rocks, and dirt, then build FIRE UP... i.e. so when clean-up remove ashes... dirt, rocks... water the roots of the grass underneath... Meadows are delicate....


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this blog. It is great to have an up-to-date, organized, well written source of info for nationals each year. The lack of official organization is one of the things that makes Rainbow great, but sometimes that makes it hard to find reliable, current information! I appreciate the mix of personal insight and experience that you give along with the concrete resource info.
    Just wanted to give a shout out and say thanks! Lovin you family, see you soon!

  2. Ditto. This is a great blog. You obviously have the clear-headed perspective we need to balance some of the.. ahem... family impulsiveness...

    One point I wanted to make a few years ago when gas prices were also very high, is that if every single vehicle arriving at the gathering was encouraged to bring 50-100 lbs of food, it would take a load off of the supply runs need for expensive long trips in heavy vehicles. Even if it's bags of rice, beans, flour, gallons of cooking oil, or a few boxes of produce, if every single car came with this, it would save so much family gas money.
    (btw, for those in Portland area looking to supply the family with organic produce, New Seasons will sell a whole box of almost any item at just a little over cost. Stuff that is normally $3/lb can be had for about $1/lb if you buy the whole box)
    Anyhow, I thought that you might promote this idea, and if your blog readers pick up on it, word could spread nicely.
    Thanks again!

  3. Please do stop by the kind folks at new seasons and bring the kitchens as much fresh produce as possible! Love and blessings, see you soon!

  4. Peace Love and big phat sticky blunts !!!!