Friday, December 10, 2010

Rainbow Guide Contact Info

If you want to be in the guide, want to donate money to help fund the guide or want to plug into the effort to create the Rainbow Guide in 2011

Rainbow Guide 2011
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4211 State Route 13
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Notes from Thanksgiving Council

Rainbow Family Thanksgiving Council, Northport, Washington, November, 2010

The council was held on a farm near Northport, Washington, in the northeastern part of the state.  A barn was converted to a council and live-in space by volunteers from Spokane, and bales of hay were stacked on all four sides extending to the rafters, with the bales set in tiers above the floor and used for sitting and sleeping.  A cast iron stove was used for heating, and a large table was used for serving food.  Sheets of plastic were secured to the rafters overhead, which afforded a comfortable space for the event.  Food was cooked in a house on the property, and brought to council area. 

About 34 folks arrived on Thursday and Friday, and hipstories and heartsongs were shared.   Also on Friday, agenda items were listed in preparation for counciling on Saturday.  A brother spoke of the gathering being a destination for the economically displaced and politically discouraged, in reference to folks without rainbow experience.  RAP 107/701 distribution was encouraged.  The Rainbow Family of Living Light is pro-peace and pro-environment.  We live in a peace village that we construct on the spot with our resources, time, and shared intent.  The community movement of the Hippie era has waned, many of the folks who gather are seeking community.  Our arms and hearts are open.

Pictures of sites that were scouted in Washington State earlier this year were shared by two folks that came to council.

Agenda items for the council on Saturday, November 27, were: Security, Welcome Home, intergenerational, a review of the annual gathering this year in Pennsylvania, dates on milestones, creation of an office (P.O. Box, bank, contact), death camp, front gate, announcements, breakouts/reports, scouting, Washington State local participation, and missing persons.

On Saturday, the council started at rainbow noon. It began with a consensus to have a scout rendezvous on May 8, and the site to be announced on April 3, 2011.  Scout contacts may be made by calling a northwest rainbow lightline voice mail 503-727-2498.  Leave a message with a phone number, to ensure a call back.  Also another contact may be made by calling 541-915-1295.

The formation of an office, complete with five volunteers, was created with local folks in the Oroville, Washington area.  The office will open the mail and receive magic hat donations designated for scouting and office expenses.   Any remaining green energy will be turned over to a new bank to be created after Spring Council consenses to a site for the annual gathering next year in Washington State.  The address is: Rainbow 2011, P.O. Box 76, Oroville, Washington, 98844. (Note: the word rainbow is needed in the address)   A sister who is on the office has offered her e-mail address as a contact,

Helping each other was encouraged, with the spirit leading.

Sheila sends her love, as well as Val and others who were not able to attend.

Spring council dates were discussed, and Sunday, June 12 was consensed, site to be announced by the office.

Town meetings were proposed, to be held at a location close to the gathering site. Two meetings, the first to be in the evening of Monday, June 20, and a second in the evening of Friday, June 24, with the events to include the local community.

The creation of a shanti sena workshop near main circle was presented, and folks in the circle encouraged respect as well as communication.

Death camp is a camp that attends the gathering each year.  "Thanksgiving council discussed how to interact with what are perceived by some as disruptive camps within the gathering.  We, Thanksgiving council consense to continue working with these camps with an open heart".

Trespass, legal issues, lawyers, as well as Federal and State laws need to be included in information to be passed on.  Do shanti sena, not "i am shanti sena".

Sunday was open discussion on two agenda items, including the annual in Pennsylvania where an operating plan was created after many days of council at the site, and discussing the fall regional gathering in eastern Washington State earlier this year.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

T-Council (afterwards)

Lots of folks looking for info from Thanksgiving Council. Seems to me that it usually takes a couple of weeks or so before the minutes get written up and distributed.  We're on rainbow time after all.