Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Missing Person Found

Thanks to Rainbow magic, someone saw the original post I had here, called her mom and Porche and her family are talking.  Everyone is happy! 

Porche: We love you and want you to be happy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some additional info on T-Council

Lazy-Daze Retreats (509) 732-6686 is in Northport Washington, around 15 miles from the farm.

They have cottages/cabins they will rent for the weekend, (4 or 5 I believe) from 60/night for 2 people up to 80/nite for 4... none are so far rented. They add $10-$20/person if more people end up staying in any of them... in case folks are interested...

I talked with folks from spokane and the weather report is predicting 9 degree fahrenheit weather the 24th and 25th... and snow.

it will be cold.  it is already chilly.  expect below freezing weather.
bring layers, layers, layers.

there is a campground in Evans that is down the road from Northport for $5 a day.   it will be cold.

the site has a barn open to one side, (to be likely tarped off), which will be heated by a stove or two.  there is wood ready for a bonfire, and for heating/cooking.  there is some other inside spaces, and there will be made warm space outside as best can be, there is room for as many as come,.... but it will be cold outside,.. very,.. beautiful,..

grab supplies either in colville, or kettle falls (groc. store and gas in northport as well too), (decent cheap rooms at the kettle falls inn $35-$40/per since it's just out of hunting season, but they are a scenic 45
min drive from site.)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Forest Service and the Rainbow Gathering

As many of you who have been gathering for a while know, we have a complicated, sometimes contentious relationship with the United States Forest Service.    If you're into understanding things from their point of view, a kind brother has put together a series of pages with lots of the USFS documents he obtained via FOIA requests.

Find the 2010 document and links to earlier years here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Council Information

Thanksgiving Council will be taking place on a farm near Northport Washington in the northeastern corner of the state. If you're flying, the nearest major airport is Spokane, Washington.

The farm has animals including llamas, a partially insulated barn with a woodstove for counciling, etc., and cooking facilities. There will be some additional propane space heaters to help keep people warm.  A work party will start on November 18 to prepare for the council. If you are self-sufficient, interested in helping and aren't already plugged into this effort, please email me for more info.  If you are planning on coming for the council and aren't able to be part of the work party, please do not arrive before Wednesday, November 24.

Please be aware the farm is at a 3,000 foot elevation and has already experienced some bouts of snow this season. Word is that snow doesn't last long, but be prepared. There are lots of open fields and plenty of parking. Wood and water are plentiful.  1/2 the barn is insulated, 1/2 the barn is not insulated.


From Spokane, Washington (on I-90)  take Hwy 395 to Hwy 25 north to NorthPort (approximately 100 miles)

In Northport, go east on Aladdin Road (there will be a sign saying Deep Lake). Go 3 miles. Take the second right (Stoddard Road) and go one mile to the end of the road and park.

This is a family farm, so be respectful and keep your dogs at home or on a leash so as not to frighten the llamas.

There are a couple of hotels within 15 miles or so if you prefer indoor accomodations.  They're not cheap - close to $100/night according to my sources.  509-684-2010 (Comfort) or 866-925-7881 (Best Western) 

Karin's Editorial

I was hoping that each one of you could reach out to family in or near Washington state and encourage them to attend at least a day or two of the council. This is a great opportunity to meet the other folks who will be putting energy into the gathering, learn how to plan the gathering, review potential sites for the gathering, share your sites with others to scout in the fall, and learn about how things happen.

Often, but not always, T-Council picks the dates for one or multiple scout councils (rendevouzs) and Spring Council. Often a mailing address is selected. Often people share their heartsongs and start creating the energy to manifest a beautiful gathering in the summer. Sometimes we argue and bicker. We are a family!

As with all things Rainbow, no experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. I am sending out positive thoughts that we will have good representation from the younger gatherers. This gathering can only continue when we share and learn the collective gathering wisdom.

If you’re new to counciling or need a brush up, I highly recommend reading the Counciling Mini Manual or the a rap on consensus so you can contribute to a positive council.