Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planning for 2011

Here's some things we can do to prepare ourselves and contribute to a safe and sane gathering for everyone.

  • Stock up on toilet paper to bring to the gathering
  • Get a local circle going to discuss ways your local   family can contribute to the gathering. This could   be 3 people or 30.
  • Build a handicapped person shuttle rickshaw.
  • Get your camping gear in order.
  • Brainstorm on something positive you can do for the local community on your way into the gathering.
  • Go to http://www.welcomehome.org and read all the cool info about gathering to prepare yourself.
  • Start getting your car in working order - all lights, turn signals, wipers, seatbelts, etc.  Make sure   you have registration, a drivers license and insurance or you may receive a mandatory court appearance ticket from the USFS LEOs
  • Build raised shitters - a Square plywood box with a whole on the top and a lid and no bottom for people who can't squat.
  • Get a job and earn some money so you can buy a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies, or medical supplies, or water filters to bring to the gathering.
  • Fix up some of those old tarps laying around and bring them to the gathering.
  • Collect art supplies and bring them to the gathering and plan an art camp.
  • Do a teach in for all the folks planning on coming home in your local community.
  • Plan a dog or cat camp to care for dogs or cats whose owners don't have their shit together.
  • Plan a ceremony to share with the family
  • Prepare an act for the variety show
  • Plan some activities to do with the kids in Kid Village
  • Make a commitment to work Welcome Home and the Front Gate with a few of your friends.
  • Do the ground work for hands free hand wash stations.
  • Do a fund raiser in your local community and donate the proceeds to the Magic Hat.
  • Start working out so you'll be in shape for hauling stuff at the gathering
  • Prepare a workshop to share with the family on something you are interested in.
And the list goes on and on.

The more planning energy we manifest now, the higher the gathering will be in 2011.  Be the magic you wish to see at the gathering.


  1. re: Handicapped Person Shuttle Rickshaw. I got a Pacific Outdoors Super Game Hauler
    http://www.amazon.com/Pacific-Outdoors-Super-Game-Hauler/dp/B000FDVP88 and used it this summer at some events in Colorado. It works great for hauling gamey gimps or bunches of supplies or an injured person in an emergency. Old Tom - Gimps R US - I have photos on Gimps R US Facebook page.

  2. Some added info from a master at making box shitters

    Cut the hole in the top with a sabre saw set at a 45 degree angle sloping toward the middle. This leaves a lid that will close and make a fly proof seal. Hinge it at the back with a strap or something so that it opens out of the way. Also, sand and smooth the surface that you sit on before you paint it. The paint lets it be cleaned after the inevitable messes.