Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My oh my

Sunday's post to this blog sure generated a lot of feedback. Some positive, some negative, some in between.  It obviously hit a nerve. Seems to me to be a good thing to get people talking about issues and ideas. In reading all the amazing and wonderful comments one of my take aways was that some people feel that by acknowledging the ways in which we differ, we increase the separation. Some people seemed to feel that noticing our differing vantage points would remind us to find balance or intersections.  Since I'm not an omniscient narrator in this saga, I have no idea what the outcome will be in a week's time, three month's time, or ten year's time.

I am amazingly proud of this family and the ways in which we were/are able to discuss our differences of opinions in such thoughtful and peaceful ways.  Thank you to all who have weighed in and I hope the discussions keep happening in circles and cyber-huddle's around the world. Very important issues being raised by all. Keep it coming.

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  1. Hey Karin,

    I just decided yesterday to go to this years national and I'm glad you have this website to facilitate some discussion around it. I can't stand AGR and I really didn't connect with the bay area rainbows like I did in LA. This website is something I can handle. Thanks for the effort, I know its work.

    That being said I need to get my rainbow prep together before the national so I read last weeks commentary just to see. I thought it was completely different people in my mind when I read the descriptions, but then the sister started naming names. I knew it was theoretical, but I was imagining some other brothers in my minds eye.

    I try not to spend too much time communicating on the internet because that is less time taking care of my baby girl and practicing music. I always find it harder a judge a writers intent on the web. Often a post can either be funny, ironic or even snarky depending on how you look at it. This communication is not exactly the connection that is ideal for me when dealing with my relations, but we have to make do.

    It's to the strength of the family that we can disagree and still make things happen even after all these years of gathering in the woods.

    ( of DV)