Monday, April 4, 2011

Looking out for the health of our family

When we gather, we form a small city of dreamers, spiritualists, visionaries and others committed to living in community and harmony with the land for at least a short time. One of the key tenets of the gathering is that we provide and care for each other. Everything is free.
Every meal, every visit with a doctor, nurse or herbalist. Every massage, every musical performance and every circle.
While everything is shared for free this doesn't mean that there aren't expenses incurred by sharing what we have with each other. The expenses are covered by anyone who chooses contribute to the gathering by donating dollar$$ or bringing supplies

Today's topic is healing and wellness. Every year the gathering treats thousands of small injuries and generally a good number of larger ones. From Herbalists, Medics and Acupuncturists to Registered Nurses and Medical Doctors, my friends work them selves ragged trying to make sure that each and every person at the gathering gets the necessary medical care and the type of care the patient prefers.

The list of health care issues dealt with at a gathering is endless, but includes things such as sprained ankles, broken legs, heart attacks, people falling out of trees, major cuts, upset tummies, stress and anxiety, burns, mental health challenges, injured dogs, child birth, and the list goes on and on.

How to help

If you are a practitioner of the healing arts, we need your help on the land to help our family be healthy.

If you have a chronic medical condition and will need support to attend the gathering without stressing your medical condition, email CALM ASAP and start a dialogue We don't have a full hospital in the woods, but generally experienced CALM family can work with you to create a management plan so that your health is not comprised at the gathering and to make sure your needs can be met.

Volunteer to do labor at CALM.

If you want to plug into CALM, please check out the CALM website. There are many ways to plug in and this includes opportunities for people with no healing experience.

Providing Supplies

While all services are freely shared, many of the supplies aren't. Here's a good page listing supplies that are always in demand. 

If you can't help out by bringing supplies by June 25 or so, donating green energy now will allow folks to obtain good discounts on bulk supplies. Click here to donate $$. Of course, cash donations at the gathering are always welcome as well and can be given to your favorite CALM volunteer, but unless you plan on being at the gathering by the Summer Solstice, it would be more helpful to donate ahead of time. The sister who is volunteering her PayPal account is a hard working medic at the gatherings and I've known her personally for almost twenty years.

Together we can help keep our family healthy and insure the injured receive the care they deserve.


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  2. Its very serious matter to make our family healthy.Thanks to the CALM for helping the people.Again thanks for sharing.

  3. I might not be able to make it the west coast this year - won't fly and I don't think I want to tolerate a bus ride - non-the-less some of my green energy is coming with the next paycheck, and the next, and the next...

    Loving YOU!

  4. ever try mayonnaise for lice? apply it liberally then let it set for 20 minutes then rinse. it kills the hatched critters and puts a nice shine on the hair. reapply 17-20 days later to kill off the hatch-lings and all should be well until the next contamination.

    honey is another excellent alternative to antiseptics. egyptians are famous for being the 1st to document its curative powers and will heal burns and cuts nearly as fast as otc creams and is much cheaper and more bio-friendly.

  5. Hi I have a a few bags of medical supplies to donate however won't be able to make it until June 30th or July 1st can I still bring them to donate, & if so who would I give them to. My 1st time attending the gathering & would love to contribute! Thanks

  6. Welcome home!

    Bring them to CALM when you arrive. They will get used. Just ask people to point you to CALM. Thank you so much!

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