Thursday, June 26, 2014

Healing a Heart Lesion: Report of a Miracle

This is a photo of artwork on display in front of INFO on July 4th along with the story behind it and was forwarded to me by a long time gatherer

from the August/September, 2010 N.W. Regional Assembly

To All Family: A Free-Verse HeartSong Prayer

Following sound counsel, we fabricated signs. On Masonite kicked down from a Sandpoint recycler, we attempted to orient our fellow gatherers. They were handsome pieces showing direction, warning or tidbits of advice.

Let's focus on the particular sign in question. It was placed at a Tin the road. The C. A. L. M. was down the hill to the left, Main Meadow was to the right. The winged heart at its center was a vibrant blood red. The sign was affixed to a tree.

Days past as we enjoyed the Gathering process. Autumn was approaching but mostly the weather held fair. We barely noticed a sprinkle but the sign was transformed before our eyes. Water droplets caused the Main Meadow letters & the heart to bleed.

An as yet still unidentified 'young hippie female' saw the sign & added an OM sign in the center of the heart with the words, “The heart of the Rainbow will bleed if her children don't unite”.

We all stumble in life yet each of us is a unique blessing. Some come to rainbow for social reasons; some are activists or Constitutionalists; some have political ambitions; some Divine messengers. All of us long for true family.

We stepped out of the world to do a work. We have well survived the trials & testings of these first 40 years! Herein lies the challenge for survival through the next...

Search out & Release the Negative Vapors in your own Heart

We choose to love, by grace, & forgive. Root out jealousy, anger, hatred, shame, ego & disappointment. Speak blessing not cursing. Respect, humility, mercy, joy, compassion, LOVE are the true economy to freedom. Seeds of peace sown, raise a righteous harvest. Be slow to anger & long to listen.

The prayer for peace stars within. Is it time to do some more homework?

I love you all,


PS. What a wonderful gathering this is !!!!

Thanks Abba & James for the liberty to paraphrase

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