Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Missing Person Found

Thanks to Rainbow magic, someone saw the original post I had here, called her mom and Porche and her family are talking.  Everyone is happy! 

Porche: We love you and want you to be happy!


  1. At 6:30 pm on Wednesday November 24, Raven and I saw Porsche backpacking with a young man later identified as "Billy". They were trying to hitch a ride on the westbound exit of Highway 58 in Bakersfield. Porsche approached us at the Arco station and asked which way we were going. We told her we were staying around the area and she said "Shit! we're trying to go east on Highway 58". We had no idea she was a missing person until I got online tonight and clicked on Karin's blog looking for updates about Thanksgiving counsel. That's when I saw the missing person article and clicked on the poster. When I saw her face on the poster, I knew it was the girl we talked to at the Arco station tonight. She was with a young man of medium build with shoulder length dreadlocks and dark blonde hair. They had a puppy that could have been a shepherd collie mix. Please be on the lookout for Porsche and Billy and their puppy. They are heading east if they follow the path Porsche mentioned to us. I spoke to her mother Tonya on the phone tonight as soon as I saw the poster. Tonya told me that Porsche is a model and she likes Starbucks and she has never left home without contacting family before. She left her two year old son who is missing her badly. Please ask Porshe to call her Mom if you see her. Thanks so much Karin for posting this. I love your blog!

  2. Thank you---all of you--The family is back togethr and have reached a higher understanding. It is amazing how it all came together. Rainbow Spirit pulled everyone together at the same time at the same place just as it was meant to be. Thank you. Karin for posting the flyer and passing on the positive energy and Summer Breeze and Raven for listening to the voice of the Spirit. To everyone for the prayers and energy.
    THANK YOU Lynda Leslie DeLore