Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some additional info on T-Council

Lazy-Daze Retreats (509) 732-6686 is in Northport Washington, around 15 miles from the farm.

They have cottages/cabins they will rent for the weekend, (4 or 5 I believe) from 60/night for 2 people up to 80/nite for 4... none are so far rented. They add $10-$20/person if more people end up staying in any of them... in case folks are interested...

I talked with folks from spokane and the weather report is predicting 9 degree fahrenheit weather the 24th and 25th... and snow.

it will be cold.  it is already chilly.  expect below freezing weather.
bring layers, layers, layers.

there is a campground in Evans that is down the road from Northport for $5 a day.   it will be cold.

the site has a barn open to one side, (to be likely tarped off), which will be heated by a stove or two.  there is wood ready for a bonfire, and for heating/cooking.  there is some other inside spaces, and there will be made warm space outside as best can be, there is room for as many as come,.... but it will be cold outside,.. very,.. beautiful,..

grab supplies either in colville, or kettle falls (groc. store and gas in northport as well too), (decent cheap rooms at the kettle falls inn $35-$40/per since it's just out of hunting season, but they are a scenic 45
min drive from site.)

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