Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feeding the Family

Just a reminder to all my beautiful wonderful family that we need to take responsibility for feeding and healing each other. Going to local food banks in the gathering area ain't cool. We generally gather in rural areas and with things they way they are, the people who have lived in these areas for generations are struggling to take care of their families and communities. They didn't invite us to come so we have to be extra considerate guests. We have plenty of wealth in our own family that we need to be sharing with each other. My vision of a communal future needs to be one in which we create our own resources, not bum resources from other people.

Rap 108 / 801

Before and After the Gathering:
  • While you are waiting for news about the gathering site, and later on when you travel to the next event, hold in your heart the spirit of the Gathering and live what you have learned there.
  • If you are camping, walk lightly on the land. Remember, she is your mother and she deserves your care and respect. Harm no living thing.
  • Recycle whenever possible, and clean up when you leave. Leave no trace behind you.
  • If you camp with others, work together to manifest the community that nourishes and supports us.
  • Share your resources, learn from your brothers and sisters, expand your creativity, and develop a self-sufficient life-style.
  • Get to know your neighbors and take responsibility for maintaining peace and harmony among them. Shanti Sena is a way of life.
  • Remember that the presence of large numbers of folks traveling through a small town can heavily impact the residents there. Please treat them with respect. Your attitude and actions will leave them with a life-long impression of Rainbow. Make it a positive one.
  • Be well!


  1. In case you're dense, sweet hippy chick is telling you: DON'T SHOPLIFT, DIRTBAGS.

  2. I think she's more getting at, don't drain local resources for family purposes. But stealing is never encouraged either.

  3. Karin, this thing you say is great, "My vision of a communal future needs to be one in which we create our own resources...." Exactly! I think it is great that you have this perspective.

    I would like to ask if you have further developed those thoughts (or where I can find your writing about them if I've missed them). Do you have more ideas behind that, for example on ideas for a "communal future," and for how to "create our own resources?" These are things that I concentrate upon and for which I'd like to know what you are thinking.

    I would be happy to share with you and others on these topics if desired. I think it is important that "we" (anyone, really, yet Rainbow Family in particular) continually work to refine and reiterate our vision of the future toward which we most want to work.


    PS In case it is helpful, you may check out my thoughts on the topic here:

  4. Mostly my interactions with the locals have been good. Sometimes puzzled or curious but mostly real friendly. Of course it helps that we are buying stuff. And then there's this line of what we used to call 'Freaks' all with cash or credit cards cleaning them out of munchies. I tell 'em I'm from the Gathering and they ought to just go check it out for themselves.

    In AR the local little market was happy as clams; the gas pump guy told us that the 400 cops they'd brought in thought that HE was a hippie! "I ain't no hippie!" Just because he had long hair and teeth missing or something he'd been getting hassled driving to work. They told us that they'd fixed the car and made a bunch of payments, while we and about 8,000 other folks bought ice cream bars.

    When making food runs I think we all should mention that the half dozen bags of oranges or whatever we are buying are for the Rainbow Gathering. Of course for many of us it's pretty obvious - me with short hair in a late model station wagon...

  5. It is all fine to say that we should all git along, but in truth it is hard for a great many folks - it is hurry hurry grab grab way of life for many.
    I work for a charitable org - we get all types coming in for food or money to exist for another day...yet someone has to test our patience when we see through their stories of need. Critical of society I may be, but I have a simply rule - treat my neighbor as I wish to be treated.

    Good journey

  6. Always be mindful of the law of One, that timeless golden rule, as we are all part of the same interconnected consciousness matrix. Safe travels brothers and sisters, loving you.

  7. yeah, man. Treat others as you want to be treated. Karma sucks.