Monday, May 30, 2011

Kids and the Gathering

There are a couple of really good write ups on bringing kids to the gathering.   If you're planning on bringing your children or grandchildren to the gathering, read Info Karen's Rap on Kids and the Rainbow Rap on Kidz.

If you've never been to a gathering before and you don't already have a tribe you're camping with (like Fat Kids, Northwest Tribes, Jesus Camp or Granola Funk to name just a few), I strongly recommend you camp at Kiddie Village. Not only is the food more plentiful there, but you will be able to connect up with parents who have brought their kids to many gatherings and can help you and your family have a positive experience. Plus they build kid friendly shitters which is a very big deal.

You'll also want to see if your kids want to participate in the Kids Parade on the morning of July 4th. Ask for info at Kiddie Village.

If you're an expectant mother, please check in with CALM and make sure someone knows how you're planning your baby's birth. Some mamas choose to have their baby at the gathering, some would rather go to a hospital. The choice is yours, but it's best to be clear ahead of time what you want and meet the wonderful midwifes, nurses, doctors and other health care providers who will help you before you go into labor.


  1. Just a clarification: As a single male I have been kicked out of kid village camping area once the gathering got started. Nobody objected to my presence when I was digging shitters before the gathering or helping set up the tarp structure. But during the gathering that space if for families and kids and they don't want random guys not plugged in camping there.

    I understand its a safety issue but just thought to mention it because kid village does have a focus and if you aint with it, camp elsewhere.

  2. This is very informative, thanks for helping organize ourselves with the program. Maybe if nothing else we can kick it on the fringes. Probably better though if we get involved with the more evolved groups.

  3. I'm new & will be traveling with 2 children.
    I see this kiddi camp might me the best for me however I would like to know how the whole food sharing system works? Does the kitchen have a feeding time? What all happens when you want to eat? I do understand we too have to bring food to fend for ourselves, however still looking for some guidance. Thank you

  4. Everything in Rainbow works on rainbow time so it's not like I can tell you when the meals happen. In Kid Village it's usually two meals a day. There will be one big kitchen and everyone pitches in and makes the meals if they can. Obviously if you have very small children, you can't help cook the communical meal. I always recommend everyone bring their own snacks foods if waiting a couple of hours to eat isn't an option. Food that works for me is apples and carrots, nuts and granola, and things like whole grain cereal bars. Please bring some food to donate to the kitchen (bulks foods or produce) or some $$ the contribute. You will not have your own campfire for cooking. If you have more questions, email and I'll forward your email address on folks who are more plugged into Kiddie Village than I am.

  5. I am still hoping to go to the Rainbow Gathering tomorrow, after a number of ride problems,
    even if I spend only 1+ days there.
    I can't really afford to rent a car, but
    other problematic ride options have not worked out.But, I can help with gas $.
    Please telephone me(GT) ASAP at:

  6. Next years Rainbow Gathering?
    I hope that it is not on the East coast,
    in the Midwest, or in the SouthEast,
    especially because I have missed most of this year's gathering.

  7. @Anonymous Jun 1, 2011 (First poster in this topic)

    It's been almost a year since you posted that message, but I find it somewhat disappointing and disheartening that you wouldn't be welcome there in Kid Village, especially after all the hard work you did for it. I've never actually been to a Rainbow Gathering, but it seems like it is supposed to be a place free of judgment and stereotyping.

    It's unfortunate that even in such a free-spirited, loving community like that, a single guy can be stereotyped as a potential child predator just for being... a single guy. What if a guy just likes the more calm, serene and educational atmosphere of kid village? What makes a married couple, or even other parents, more trustworthy than a single guy?

    I'm a male teacher (single) and have gotten stereotyped many times in my life. People always assume that women are the ones who are supposed to deal with kids, even in the workplace, while men go out and do the blue collar or white collar jobs. I've learned to deal with stereotypes in my life, but it never ceases to disappoint me when people are automatically suspicious of a male teacher or a male who works with kids.

    I think there would be nothing cooler than to teach some very free-spirited Rainbow kids about the environment, nature, wildlife and other things at a gathering like that, but I guess that probably wouldn't fly, seeing as how I'm a single male, would it?

    I understand what they are going for, but it's still very unfortunate that stereotyping and judgment still seem to be prevalent at a place where they are supposed to disappear...