Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can you help find out what happened to Marie?

For forty years this family has gathered and to the best of my knowledge we've never lost anyone.  Let's make sure Marie doesn't stay lost.  If she's alive, all her family needs from her is a phone call.  If Marie is deceased, her family wants her body back so they can grieve and bury her.

Marie came to the gathering with Cathy and Mellow. She was last seen on the morning of July 7th.

Marie’s family is now asking everyone who saw Marie, Mellow or Cathy at any time during the gathering come forward with dates, times and specifics about locations and people who were seen with Marie.  If you met any of these people at the gathering, know the details may help us find Marie who has now been missing for over a month. Her grandchildren are hurting and finding out what happened to Marie will help them and the rest of her family heal. Don't leave Marie's grandchildren crying for her.

  • Marie arrived at the Gathering on July 2nd with “Mellow” and camped near Lovin’ Oven.
  • She and Mellow moved their camp to the Rear Gate on July 5th.
  • They were joined by Mellow’s girlfriend Cathy on July 6th.
  • The last sighting of Marie was the morning of July 7th near the rear gate. She never came back to camp, leaving all of her belongings.
  • Mellow searched for Marie, showing her ID to people at the Gathering until the morning of July 10th, when he and Cathy returned home.
If you saw Marie, Mellow or Cathy at the gathering, please contact the family or if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can post your comments on this message.  If you wish, you can email me any information you have with instructions to not reveal where I got it and I will honor your privacy.  All we want is to find Marie: dead or alive.

Even if you don't remember these three people, if you were near the rear gate (150 Road -- kitchen supply drop off; handicapped parking; Omnivore Cafe) on July 7, please contact me with everything you can remember about that morning. No detail is too small.  For more information, photos and details of the search efforts to date, visit

Please share this plea with everyone you know who attended the Washington Gathering this year. 


  1. I was parked along this area on road FS 32(west of FS 150). ... N 46.09499 W 121.87760 ... Hundreds of other vehicles were also parked along the road and there was a steep and significant drop off that would have lead to an injury if someone had fallen. This is the only significant clue that I can offer. In fact, I was getting some supplies out of my vehicle one day and thought to myself how you would not want to fall off this cliff. If S & R go out again, they should check the areas outside of the main gathering site and look into the areas off the main roads where someone may have fallen.

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    The Rainbow Gathering has participants from every walk of life. Just as we have in mainstream America (or what Rainbows call “Babylon”) there are thieves and rapists, doctors, children and homeless, peace lovers and alcoholics and anarchists and Christians and Buddhists and drug abusers and eschew-ers.


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