Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Search for Marie Continues and Goes Back to the Land

Cathy's Saturn
Marie was last seen late on the night of July 8 camped near this car on the 3220 road (where all the cars were parked), past the 150 road/gate (Kitchen Drop Off, Ominvore Cafe, dirt road to Loven Ovens).

She was camping with Mellow and Cathy, aka Cat or Cheshire Cat. For photos of all three, click here.  If anyone saw Marie, Mellow or Cathy on July 7, 8 or 9, every detail of when and where the interaction happened is very important. Also critical is things like the vibes you got, what kind of a mood they were in, what they were doing and even what they were wearing.  If you remember anything, you can contact the sheriff (509-427-9490) or you can contact the family by going to the Find Marie Hanson website.  If you prefer, you can call me at 858-405-7503 or email me.  Finally, if  you want to remain anonymous, post a comment on this blog with any information you may have. 
July 6 Mystery Man

There was a man Marie was seen with on July 6. He is described by the witness as a white male adult, late 40’s or 50’s, approximately 5’08”, and a thin build and is shown in the sketch to the left. He wore many silver necklaces with medallions, and had rings on his fingers, wore a dark colored Duster type jacket and carried a cane. If you know who he is or are him, we are trying to figure out what was going on with Marie on July 6th.

Also, anyone who was around a dog named "Bandit." The dog was white with a black patch of fur over the eye like lil raskles or a racoon. Hence the bandit name. The dog was being care taken by the man in the sketch. The dog's owner was Cathy. The dog never left Cathy's lap once she arrived at the gathering. 

Shanti Sena Search Party

This weekend (Labor Day Weekend), folks will be going back up to the site for three days of searching for Marie Hanson and camping with each other. The search will be through rough terrain, so bring your hiking boots, rope, basic camping gear, plenty of drinking water and some food. This is not a gathering, but a Shanti Sena Search Party and Camp-out to see if we can find Marie Hanson's body. The directions to the gathering are here.

When searching, please use the buddy system, at least 3 people within visual sight of each other at all times.  The reason for three is that if someone gets hurt, one person stays with the hurt person, one person goes for help. Furthermore, this will allow you to serve as each other's witnesses in case you find anything.

If you go to the land and find what you believe may be human remains, do not touch anything. Keep everyone back from the spot, send someone to call the sheriff and leave at least 3 people near the site. Take photos if you have a camera.  THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.  There may be evidence on the body which we do not want to contaminate. 

Finally if you  have any information about Marie Hanson’s whereabouts feel free to contact Detective Tim Garrity at the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office at 509-427-9490 or email him.


  1. Send energy to those looking for you Marie. Many blessings to those in the search group. You are truly family.

  2. Karin,

    Please pass these coordinates to the Shanti Sena Search party. Many vehicles were parked on FS 32 near the 150 gate and there was a significant enough ravine(south side of road) where a person may have tumbled down. Considering she had recent back surgery, it would not be out of the question that she could have fallen and sustained a major injury.
    N 46.09499 W 121.87760


  3. I also went to the gathering this year as a single woman and camped with a friend from my home state.
    I always felt safe in the gathering. It is so sad that such a joyous event is darken by her disappearance. My heart and positive energy goes from me to the family. many Blessings

  4. I miss my best friend so much and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for each and everyone of your efforts. May you be able to accomplish what the authorities have not. Hope to get a ride up there and help. But if I can't know that I am with you all in spirit and praying for you.Be safe! Sending love and hugs.Carrie W. SLT,CA

    May the Lord light the path for you and guide you to where she is.

  5. BTW...going back into the "rough terrain" remember, the smallest of things can bring you down. My wife contracted LYME DISEASE AT the gathering; there ARE vector ticks in that area!!!!


    Here is a website for preventive measures when
    out there (and PLEASE find out what happened to Marie, we send all good vibes your way!!).

  6. I think it was late on the night of the 7th, wasn't it? The last confirmed sighting was around midnight that night. Thanks!
    K. Aitken

  7. Do we have coords for the search party basecamp? I may be headed out to help this weekend.

  8. FS 32(west of FS 150). ... N 46.09499 W 121.87760 should get you there.

  9. Much love and light to everyone involved with this search mission. Also, love and light to Marie's family and friends at this very difficult time.

  10. Love and thank you's to everyone who responded to the search call-out this past week. It means the world to us that you have taken time from your lives to help us find Marie. We consider it a blessing to have you in our lives. Thank you, thank you. We can't say it enough for you to know how much it means to us to be a part of your family.

  11. The family who went up to the site did not find Marie. So we still need all the clues you can share.