Wednesday, June 15, 2011

7-Day Zone Forecast for South Washington Cascades

This is the area in which Spring Council is currently taking place.  Usually, but not always, the gathering site ends up being within 100 miles of the Spring Council location.  Rumor has it that folks showing up for seed camp (once a site is selected), should be prepared for snow.  Folks who live in the area say the weather changes frequently, so layers are the ticket.

Click here for a 7-Day Zone Forecast for South Washington Cascades


  1. Patrick O'LoughlinJune 15, 2011 at 8:47 AM

    NOAA rocks. They're Serious Scientists, not fluffy infotainment.

  2. Are there any news about location? Council was 5 days ago, and still no info anywhere.

  3. Spring Council is still happening. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes a week (or longer). We're on Rainbow Time.

  4. Has anybody Bro's ans Sis's....looked at to
    see the facts of Northwest State's Radiation exposure
    from Fukushima, which is ongoing?
    Boise, Idaho Rad-Net monitors were quietly Removed
    from Boise....they have an open-air water supply reservoir.
    Seattle was reported to be receiving hot particles.
    Jesus protect us.

  5. You can't have a rainbow without the rain. My heart sends blessings into the wilderness. Peace.