Friday, June 10, 2011

Town Hall Meetings June 20th and June 24th

Town Hall Meetings are a great place for local residents to meet gathering participants since normally local residents have to trek out to the woods to find out what's happening. 

The purpose of a town hall meeting is for gatherers and the local community to talk, ask/answer questions, and address concerns. This is an open meeting. We strongly encourage all individuals in the
communities surrounding the gathering to come meet with us and ask what ever questions are on your mind. We strongly encourage gathering participants to attend the meeting. The best way to make sure we have a positive impact on the community is to meet the community face to face. Person to person communication is very effective. As always, no experience necessary. We welcome all media to attend the town hall meeting.  Often times employees from the United States Forest Service attend these meetings as well.

Meeting on June 20th
From 7:00 to 9:30 PM on June 20th  at the Skamania Couty PUD Hall 1492 Wind River Road in Stevenson Washington.  
Meeting on June 24th
 From 7:00 to 9:00 pm  on June 24th at the Yale School Gym, Cougar, Washington.


  1. Do these towns give us a clue as to the general vicinity of the gathering?

  2. Most definitely as does the Spring Council site.

  3. I don't quite understand. I thought the Spring Council would determine the Gathering site by consensus, with all six National Forests still in the mix. But apparently that is not true, or why already schedule two town hall meetings in Cougar and Stevenson. (That is, why do that if there was any possibility of the Gathering being in, say, the Okanogan.) Oh well. I hope there aren't too many people flying into Spokane when they could have more easily flown into Portland. Anyway, it will be GRAND regardless. Thanks Karin, for all you do!!

  4. Generally people narrow down the workable sites before Spring Council. Sometimes there are many scattered about and sometimes there are few. It all depends on how many people went scoutng, how many sites were found, etc. I'm not that plugged into the scouting effort this year, but what I'm hearing is that there are multiple sites in the Giffort-Pinchot Forest and those are the ones under consideration for Spring Council. Also, the relationship with the USFS in that forest is seeming very positive. Because Spring Council is late this year (weather and all), I think people are moving ahead as it takes time to get these things set up. I doubt at this point that we'll be in any other NF. And yes the flights are tough if your airline doesn't allow flight changing. Right now Portland is probably the best bet and Seattle/Tacoma second best.

  5. For those concerned. This area is perhaps the most solidly scouted. Therefore the area chosen for a very late yet needed spring council due to weather concerns. As a general rule we tend to choose nearby areas to the council. This usually DOES NOT %100 mean other sites are omitted. However this area is very highly studied. People will be arriving at council site soon, thus town meetings ARE needed no matter what. See the maps all these towns need a meeting to counter rumors and paranoia that WILL be following in a few days. Keep in mind NOTHING is written in blood until final decision. Scouting is a difficult job as well as persuading others your site is best. Every year we call for more people to get involved to do this. I never complain since I can't do any better. Keep in mind NO site is loved by ALL. Let's welcome the family soon.