Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Northwest Forest Pass Not Required

Because so many people have contacted me regarding the Northwest Forest Pass in various Washington State Forests, I took the time to contact the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest (where Spring Council is currently taking place).  My assumption all along was that folks out scouting would not be looking at areas that would require the pass.

In response to my email, I received the following:

"Only designated areas with improvements require a Northwest Forest Pass. We offer a brochure outlining these sites. General Forest parking is free"


  1. I think the pass was one reason it was moved south and west.
    Its a silly idea that citizens should have to pay to park in the woods...

    Off to check rideshare, we are taking the wagon from Southern Oregon and have room for two...
    Lovin' you Family!

  2. Thank you for looking into and posting this info! Will you be posting "harrasment" updates as the LEO and local law enforcement situation matures?