Friday, June 24, 2011

TV News Story with Images of Main Meadow and the Hike In

This video footage of a news story was just posted today by KVAL out of Eugene, OR. The reporter actually hiked all the way into Main Meadow with his camera crew, and you can see the path and footage of the meadow which, I am pleased to say, does NOT appear very snowy! (Reports are that the ground is wet though... pack accordingly!)


  1. Is the hike in mostly on a logging road? I'm worried about trying to carry extra supplies for 3 miles!

  2. I just got back from the Gathering site. Last night, the smoke from all the thousands of campfires settled into the meadows, marshes and under the tree canopy and made the air nearly unbreathable. I had to evac my brother due smoke inhalation, he's been coughing and hacking and hasn't been able to breathe properly ever since, and I'm not doing much better myself. Please be advised, at night, the air at the gathering site is downright POISONOUS!

  3. Thank you for the realistic report. sometimes an inversion traps
    the smoke down at the ground.
    in olden rainbow days, folks were encouraged to keep fires limited.
    prob'ly lots of wet smoky wood, nothing dry.
    Is anybody talking Fukushima radiation fallout on Washington?
    It is well documented.
    Every Rainbow Gathering Visitor is Exposing themselves to
    a veritable Rainbow of radioactive isotopes and Hot particles.
    Whatta way to Go.