Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another lost brother (who is now found)

Dennis is OK and is hitchhiking home.  

Since we had two missing women, (one who has been found one who is still missing) it's only fitting that we now have a second missing man.  All we're asking is that he contact someone and let them know he's doing OK.  He's an adult so he doesn't have to, but when folks are worried about you, it's nice to let them know you're doing OK from time to time.

**Begin forwarded message**
My brother, Bruce Davis, attended the Rainbow gathering and we have not had contact from him since.  He was supposed to be in Colorado by last week, but has never arrived.  I understand that someone named Virgil saw him on July 5th at the Gathering and said Bruce was in "good spirits with good vibes."

Could you please post this information and ask the Blog readers to send information if they have seen Bruce or know where he is? If you do, please email Hildreth.

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