Sunday, July 10, 2011

Freaked out Family (Hope has been found)

A 20 year old sister named Hope hasn't been heard of since July 2nd. I'm guessing she may still be at the gathering, but here's some info.  If she's left the gathering and you run into her, please have her call her folks so they will stop stressing.  She's an adult so is free to ignore her parents, but it would be very cool of her to call or email to say she's OK.

Hope Lindsay Johnston Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 150
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
Residence: Canton, GA 30115
Birth date: October 26, 1990
Last Seen: July 2, 2011, Washington state heading into National Forest at Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Cougar.

Multiple on arms, legs and back. “Shoot The Moon” text on left arm. Cat paws on both hip bones. New flower tattoo on left torso.

Large woman warrior on left thigh

  MISSING!!- Call (404) 679-9000 or (404) 788-1250 w/Information or e-mail confidentially.


  1. I bet she's fine! It can be hard on parents when their kid heads off to the woods.

  2. PS...hardly anyone makes it out of a National that quickly. And...she's a beautiful sister. (and...I bet she's going to be embarrassed about this. She shouldn't be. It just means her family loves her a lot.)

  3. Its cool that her family cares enough to be worried. I am just now getting to email and I left the gathering on thursday. It takes a while to get out of the woods get home and decompress. She might be doing clean up if she has the inclination and could still be on site. Hope this story ends on a happy note.

  4. Another person has been reported missing. Please Help her family:

  5. Marie Hanson, 54, was also at the gathering. She has been missing since July 7th. This was her first time and all the news her children have is that she was left behind by her two traveling companions who have give vague and changing stories.

    Marie Colello Hanson
    Medical Condition: Back
    Age 54
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Brown
    Weight 140 lbs
    Surgery Scar on Back

    Last Seen July 7, 2011 at the Rainbow Gathering, the Rainbow Festival in Woodland Washington, which is in Sqamania County, Washington State. She has no ID, no money, no clothing, and none of her back medication.

    Home: South Lake Tahoe California - Missing Person – Be on the Lookout – Report any Sightings -

    South Lake Tahoe Police – (530)542-6110 case #1107-1214


    I am not family, but I am a friend. It would be very cool if we could get a picture up of Marie. And speaking of pictures, if ANYONE has photos or videos from this event, please share with SouthLake Tahoe Police. Your photos could contain vital clues. Thank you!!!

  6. There's a picture on here in the Blog Archive under "Now we have a MISSING MOM". Thank you for posting Kelly!!!

  7. Hope was found this afternoon, safe and sound, by the Skamania Sheriff's Department.

    She was in the National Forest and is in great shape.

    Thanks to everyone for their support!

    Hope's Mom