Friday, July 22, 2011

Rainbow Guides lost in transit

They were shipped back and forth the country and never made it to the gathering.  However, the guides were printed and are available by following these directions:

Some 2011 Rainbow Guides are now at my house and ready to be sent by regular mail to anyone who sends a request to Rainbow Guide. You can also ask to be sent via e-mail a PDF file of it. You can ask for more than one copy, and amounts of up to 75 can be sent to regional focalizers.
If you want to be included in the 2012 Guide, you can send an entry by  Clicking here or sending an e-mail to Liz.
The Guide is available at no cost to anyone who wants one, but it costs $1.09 for the stamp and approx $1.85 for the envelope to send one guide thru the mail. It cost 42 cents to print and ship from the printer one issue of the 2011 Guide. Contributions of more than than the total of these amounts help to make up for the people who don't contribute, and to print the Guide next year.

You can direct PayPal to send money here.

You can also send small bills ($20 or less) thru the mail safely to:
Rainbow Guide
3015 Oklahoma Ave.
Muskogee, OK 74401
Do not send checks or money orders made out to "Rainbow Guide". There exists no personal or business checking account with that name where they can be cashed.


  1. the click here to be put in 2012 Guide is not working

  2. Woops. I had a comma in the URL. All better now. Thanks for letting me know.