Friday, July 15, 2011

R.I.P. Steve and Amber "Aya"

While two babies were born this year, we lost two beautiful people due to pre-existing medical conditions. Ignore all rumours about other causes.

In alphabetical order by first name

Amber "Aya" M. Kellar, 28, passed on to her new life on July 6, 2011 at the Rainbow Gathering in Washington state.
Her partner is our brother Rudi Bega of Warriors of the Light kitchen.  Amber had a heart
Amber was a native of Tully, NY, who lived in the Syracuse area for most of her life and was currently residing in California. She was an accomplished artist who was known by many for her artistic talents as well as for her kindness and loving nature. Her brother, Robert Mersfelder, predeceased her in 1999. S...urvivors include her mother, Dale Kellar; her father, Steven Kellar; her sister, Kimberly A. Kellar; her nieces and nephews, Michael, Robert, Stephanie, Kyleigh, Autumn and Bella; and her aunts, uncles and cousins. Everyone is welcome to celebrate Amber's life at a gathering, "Aya's Festival of Life," which will be held at one of Amber's favorite places, 3720 Tanner Road, Syracuse, NY 13215. Beginning 10 a.m. Friday, July 15, remembrance services will be held at the property, and then Amber's burial will follow in Howlett Hill Cemetery. "Aya's Festival of Life" will continue, following her burial, until Sunday at the Tanner Road property. For those inclined to do so, contributions may be made to a fund established for arrangements. 
A second memorial has been scheduled for the weekend of Friday, July 29 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm @ 17106 Player Court --Weed, CA
A gathering and celebration of Amber's Life will be held at our home in Weed, CA. We are going to be gathering for the whole weekend, and celebrating at Amber's favorite spots. North Shore at Lake Siskiyou, McCloud Falls, Pluto's Cave, The Buddha Hole, etc. If you can only make it for 1 day, the 29th will be the one you are looking for. If you can join us for more of the weekend, please do. We have a really really big house, all are welcome to stay, plus there is camping all over around us. Amber would love for you to come share her memories and her favorite places and pastimes, here in the Mount Shasta area. Also I would love to give you all a hug.

Online condolences at

Donations can be made to:
Dale Kellar
3816 Split Rock Rd.
Camillus, NY 13031
It is requested that in the memo space, that "For Amber" is added.

Some additional information from a friend who has been in contact with the family: 
Amber had a pre-existing heart condition. The times I've met and laughed with Amber and Rudi there was such fun, love, and care humbly expressed not just for one another but for our responsible stewardship of the Earth. She is so sourly missed by all who've been blessed to have been touched by her journey.

New York Steve (Steve Pierce) , 50, of Ft. Bragg passed at the Ovens on 6/24. Steve was making sticky buns at Loven Ovens when he passed on to the earth or the sky or heavens. Family and Forest Service united to try to save Steve's life to no avail. It was a team effort and one that touched all who participated deeply. Thank you to all who where there when Steve moved on or up or down. (Photo above is Shalom, Marion, D, Marilyn (Front/Center RIP), NY Steve (lower right) Leaving 1993 Alabama Gathering)

New York Steve and a Friend
Steve had been working on improving his health and he had lost 100 pounds since the last time I saw him.  Steve traveled with cooking gear, lots of cooking gear. I have a wonderful image in my mind of him sitting at Welcome Home in Wyoming 2008 with a huge pile of cooking gear around him that he was trying to get to the ovens. Like a kid sitting in a pile of blocks, Steve sat in a pile of cooking gear.  I wish I had a photo of that moment to share with you but hopefully I've describe it well enough for you to picture it.

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  1. May Amber's love shine on through those whose lives she touched...

    Steve will always be remembered by me after first meeting him at the Ovens in Colorado. Happy as they come in our Family and he will be missed.

    Thank you for the updates and remembrances Karin.

  2. I humbly offer a prayer of thanks for the blessing of being graced with the presents of these beautiful brother and sister for the time we had with them. I pray for them peace and all the tender mercies deserving two beautiful souls, farewell my brother and sister untill next time we share.

  3. It makes me so angry that our local paper here (I live in Longview, WA nearby the husband & I really wanted to go but we had a death in our family that prevented us from attending) had to say that Amber had died of "an apparent drug overdose" about misinformation. I want to thank you for telling the truth on that matter. Steve sounds like the type of person I would have really enjoyed meeting, as I'm a cook, myself. Thank you once again for providing the truth of the matter.

  4. West Coast Celebration Gathering for Amber starts This Firday, ck out our facebook invite..

  5. Steve was one of the bestest. He is loved and he will be missed.

    The Sheriff in Skamania Co. retracted that statement about the overdose, the press gave it light coverage, but it's kinda telling the way the SCSD jumped right to OD as cause of death.

  6. Dear Rainbow Family

    My name is Janet Pavik, and I reside in Fort Bragg, CA. Some may know me by the name “Georgia". “New York Steve” was my husband (California Common Law) and we had lived together for 16 years--almost to the day! Thank you for the kind entry on this website.
    I knew that Stephen had passed on {I now like to think of it as “upward and onward!”) the afternoon that he died because the Fort Bragg Police knocked on my door late in the afternoon of June 24th 2011 with the news. The police officers knew and loved him in this very small town. They were visibly shaken themselves--and insisted that I call one of my friends in the apartment complex to stay with me before they would leave. When the other residents of our apartment complex heard the news, many were crying.

    Stephen was a very major bright light in my life. Probably the hardest thing I have done in my life was calling his Mom in New York City on the 25th. –she never would have known if I hadn’t made that call.

    Have a situation that I hope some of you can help me with
    1. Stephen left a large storage space filled with a lot of kitchen gear that he intended to give to the Family. (Among other legal things…)
    2. Please CALL Janet at (707) 962-9140 if you are interested and can help me clear this space I can keep it open for the summer, if the response is there…
    3. I would appreciate hearing from any of the family that knew Steve—I have been getting stronger each week, --but warning—I still weep a bit. But then I’m sure many of you do also, so what the heck. Call me if it is feels right for you at 707-962-9140.
    Finally I want to offer a huge thank you to those who were with him when he passed “upward”

    Much love to you all.