Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now we have a missing mom

Name - Marie Colello Hanson
Age - 54
Hair Color - Brown
Eye Color - Brown
Last Seen - July 7, 2011
Last Seen By - Alan Peck and Catherine Ward
Medical conditions - back problems
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Marie has no ID, no credit cards, no cash, no phone. The people she was last seen by/with have all of her stuff. They left the campsite without her. If anyone has any information please contact Michael Hanson, her son, at 619-818-5292. Please help.

7/22/2011 Additional Info from news article
It has been over 2 weeks since Marie Hanson was reported missing.  Marie, a resident of the South Lake Tahoe community, decided on a whim to attend this year’s Rainbow Gathering held outside of Portland in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest with her neighbor.
Separated at the Gathering, the neighbor retuned home to report Marie’s disappearance.  Marie is without her identification, cash, and vital medication.  Those interviewed claim she was last seen wearing jean shorts, tennis shoes, and a pink and white tank top.  A man known only as “Owl” who is described as about 6’1, slender build, with a gray ponytail was the last person seen with Marie.

**** Additional Info*****

Hi everyone - I'm Penny, the webmaster that created http://mariehansonmissing.com/ and I'm the auntie of Tawny and her brother Mike, Marie is their Mom. First I'd like to thank you all for thinking of Marie and posting the link to the website. We are hoping that Marie is ok. The story we were told is that the guy that transported her there lost his car keys and it took several days to panhandle enough money to get a tow truck to the site. Or maybe they were locked in the car, not sure which one. If I had been in Marie's place and my critical prescription medicine was locked in a car I would have grabbed three burly men with rocks and taken care of the situation, but I'm not Marie. She not only takes pain medicine for her recent huge back surgery but for her mental health as well. I personally sat by her husband's side and discussed her medicine, and I personally know that if she was denied access to her medicine it would only be a matter of a day or two before she was not able to make any sound decisions or feel well or feel like herself. It took 3 or 4 days to get into the car, she was never re-united with her ID, her money or her medicine. The driver of the car left without her, although lots of people saw her there after he left. We'll leave that issue to the police. I'm glad I'm not in charge of dealing with that aspect because I'm furious. In the meantime this poor simple grandmother has been abandoned without her money, medicine, ID or her common sense, thanks to the situation that left her in the woods without her medicine. We hope to find her very quickly so she can get the medical attention she needs immediately, and get back to the family she loves, and that loves her. For mental health and the love of grandmothers everywhere, please pray that Marie is found quickly.

And Rainbow followers - can anyone tell me where the Regional Montana Gathering will be held and when? 


  1. Hi, there is now a website to keep info in one place, thanks for this posting and please visit http://mariehansonmissing.com to advise of any leads. As of 0300 7/13/11 we haven't heard of her whereabouts. The website is created by the family. Thanks very much, Penny Go, Tawny's Aunt. (Tawny is her daughter.)

  2. Marie Hanson was last seen on July 7, 2011. Please be on the lookout, and help her find her way home. She has a loving family to return to and is very much missed. You can contact Skamania County Sheriff Detective Tim Garrity at (509) 427-9490, and the case # is 11-05271. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  3. Any word on Marie? Sending love

  4. Marie Hanson is still missing. Despite talking to many helpful people who were at your gathering, we have little or no leads. The last confirmed sighting of Marie was the evening of July 6th in circle. If anyone at the gathering saw her after that date, or if you spoke with her at any time during the gathering please contact us at findmariehanson@gmail.com or on our website www.mariehansonmissing.com.
    We, Marie's family, are very worried, and we seem to be getting nowhere. We are currently trying to raise funds to hire a private detective.
    Thank you so much for your good wishes,

  5. I am praying for her safe return...Love mama T

  6. People like myself will keep an eye out. I'm in Taos, so one never knows. San Francisco is the closer place, but Arcada is probably more friendly. Try to get a word out to the services center in Arcada, CA. The growers also need to be alerted. I'm sure she is capable of working. She would need her ID to get a medical card in CA. It's good you have Karin in Seattle area. Try to get word out in Portland and Ashland. I nope to hear good news from you guys soon.

  7. Still looking for credible info from people who may have met Marie and her companions.

  8. I am in Portland and I will post it to facebook. She is still missing, yes?

  9. Hi, this is K. Aitken. I'm Marie Hanson's niece (in law). There is a lot of information that just came out, and we sill need help to find Marie. No piece of information is too small, and all tips can be made confidentially!!

    *** to see pictures of the people and animals listed below, including Bandit, Sketch Man, Marie, Mello or Cathy please go to:

    FACEBOOK: Add Marie Hanson Missing as a friend and help us find her!!


    Or, to the website set up by her family:


    New Information has surfaced and the timeline has changed. The focus is now on trying to find anyone who saw The Man in the Sketch, Bandit the Dog, Mello, Cathy, or of course, MARIE HANSON.

    1. The dates: July 7 - 10 but especially July 8.
    Lovin' Oven
    The small firepit by the Lovin' Oven
    The dishwashing area by the Lovin' Oven
    The 150 Rear Gate
    3. The cast in this movie:

    A. The Man in the Sketch: He is a potential WITNESS and could be very helpful in bringing Marie home! He is described by the witness as a white male adult, late 40’s or 50’s, approximately 5’08”, and a thin build. He wore many silver necklaces with medallions, and had rings on his fingers, wore a dark colored Duster type coat and carried a cane. There may have been medallion type items on his hat. Some people have said he was camped at the 150 Rear Gate.

    Please let Marie Hanson's family know if you recognize this man so he can be eliminated as a person of interest.

    B. Marie Hanson: Seen as late as midnight on July 7th near the 150 Rear Gate. She was at their camp next to a sporty White Saturn.

    C. Alan Peck aka Mello: Neighbor of Marie's from South Lake Tahoe with whom she was going to drive home with after the Gathering. Marie camped with Mello and Cathy (below) at the Gathering.

    D. Catherine Ward aka Cathy aka Cat: Arrived at the Gathering the evening of July 6th.

    E. Bandit the Dog: His owners are Mello and Cathy. He is described as being of medium size and weight, with white fur and black eye-patches (that make him look like he is wearing a bandit-type mask). He was seen with Marie and the man in the sketch by several witnesses.

    F. White Saturn: A vehicle parked near the 150 Rear Gate July 7th. Marie, Mellow, Cathy and possibly some others spent the night by this car the night of the 7th. Marie was seen that night with Mello and some others that evening

    IMPORTANT: If you have any information, please keep it private! We never know which clues will be important and the best people to sort through all the information are listed below. THE FAMILY WILL RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY! MAKE AN ANONOYMOUS TIP!!

    1. findmariehanson@gmail.com
    2. Marie's Family: 530-307-0280
    3. Detective Tim Garrity at the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office at 509-427-9490 or email him at timg@co.skamania.wa.us
    4. South Lake Tahoe Police (530)542-6100 Case #1107-1214
    5. www.mariehansonmissing.com

  10. My Prayers to Marie Hanson's Family We can spare millions of other familes the pain they endured during this atrocity. We need to band together to get our elected officials to act and use ALL the tools we have to ensure these crimes don't happen any more --- Sign then Share with EVERYONE our petition at http://sign.1sta.com

    Thank You
    Bill Tomsick