Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleanup Update

I don't have much info about cleanup at present. Until I post something that says clean up is done, it will be ongoing.  Word I heard was that trash was a big issue and at this point I would expect cleanup will go on until sometime during the first week of August.

The folks doing cleanup can always use some extra hands, so if you have a day or two and you live in the area, go back up and put some sweat equity into the gathering. Bring work gloves, a shovel and ask any dirty amazing family what needs doing.  If you do go back up and it fits into your budget, bring some fresh fruit or even ice cream (if you have the coolers for it) to boost moral.  True Rainbow Magic is ice cream at the end of a long time of hard work.

Word is that the mosquitoes hatched and are out in force, so prepare yourself.

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